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All material © Dan Nicholls 2012

Ruins by Dan Nicholls / Mirror

1.-Blinkers.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 5.03Mb)

2.-Chaos-Happens.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 9.22Mb)

3.-The-Scrolling-Banner.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 2.14Mb)

4.-Ruins....mp3 (MP3 Audio - 10.67Mb)

5.-Missing-In-Action.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 8.89Mb)

6.-Withdrawal.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 6.06Mb)

7.-Strobes-On-The-Ascent.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 7.57Mb)

8.-Voice-Intercepts.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 4.40Mb)

9.-idontknow.mp3 (MP3 Audio - 4.59Mb)

Dan Nicholls' Ruins is a genre-bending new album utilising production values from avant-electronica with the energy and groove of the downtown New York creative music scene. Featuring an ensemble comprising some of Europe’s most original and progressive new musical thinkers, the music – with its accompanying animations and video stills – represents a cohesive and strongly individual project which challenges motives for music-making and provides the listener with a highly immersive experience.
Making striking use of tapes, sampling and field recordings, this album is a departure from normality: a commentary on the digital age and the stylisation of Western mass media which takes its inspiration as much from specific imagery and global events as from the wide range of artistic experience drawn upon by each musician.

1. Blinkers (3:40)
2. Chaos Happens (6:43)
3. The Scrolling Banner (1:33)
4. Ruins... (7:46)
5. ...Missing In Action (6:28)
6. Withdrawal (4:25)
7. Strobes on the Ascent (5:31)
8. Voice Intercepts (3:12)
9. idontknow (3:20)
(Total 42:50)

Dan Nicholls – rhodes and wurlitzer pianos, organ, tapes, Roland Sh-101
Kit Downes – organ
Shabaka Hutchings – bass clarinet
James Allsopp – tenor saxophone/clarinet
Dave Smith – drums
Tom Challenger – alto clarinet (tracks 1+2)

All composed material by Dan Nicholls
Produced by Matt Calvert and Dan Nicholls
Recorded by Matt Calvert at House of Strange
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorks