Mirror + Fyfe Dangerfield/Rory Simmons
The Forge, Camden

Dan Nicholls – keyboards/tapes/compositions/visuals
James Allsopp – tenor saxophone
Dave Smith – drums
Kit Downes – organ
Shabaka Hutchings – bass clarinet

Fyfe Dangerfield – vocals/piano
Rory Simmons – trumpet/electronics

The Loop Collective brings together two ensembles featuring some of London's most original and creative musical thinkers. Keyboardist–composer Dan Nicholls presents an expanded version of his group Mirror, presenting strikingly immediate music which focuses on the self-perpetuating stylisation of mass-media – from the depiction of ruin and destruction to the voyeurism and morbid curiosity which fuels reality TV-style reportage and documentary.
Since BBC Late Junction brought them together for a one-off collaboration, this live performance between Fyfe and Rory has been long-awaited. Using distressed tape extracts, woozy low brass samples and flowing improvised dialogue; this duo create a curious narrative, underlined with as many instrumental palettes as will fit on the stage.